Uncommon Hacks 2019 @ Polsky Exchange in Hyde Park, Chicago

Uncommon Hacks is UChicago's annual inter-collegiate hackathon, which is being held on February 16-17 this year. 

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A panel of expert judges

Judging Criteria

  • Best Hack for Social Good
    • Impact • Innovation & Creativity • Completeness of Solution • Sustainability • Design
  • Most Technically Impressive
    Does the product function completely? How much of the functionality was written by the competitors themselves as opposed to open source code/APIs (self written is better)?
  • Most Creative
    Is the idea unique, compared to other ideas seen in the real world and / or when comparing to other projects within the Hackathon? Does it solve a problem, no matter how silly? Does it have great UI/UX design?
  • Most Uncommon
    The winning hack is a well balanced, well designed, technically impressive, and innovative project that is complete with a little "interesting" surprise?